Languages spoken in Albania: Albanian.

Geopolitics and current affairs in Albania

Edi Rama's government was facing the protests of the opposition, which accused him of manipulating the 2017 elections. Therefore, President Meta postponed the local elections in June, although the majority ignored the decree. The poll took place in June 2019, but was boycotted by the opposition parties amid growing tensions.

Boundaries of Albania

It borders on the North with Kosovo and Montenegro; on the Northeast with North Macedonia and on the Southeast with Greece; on the West it faces the Adriatic Sea and the Otranto Canal.

The territory is mostly mountainous (Albanian Alps, Korab, Jablanica), with the exception of the coast which is flat and sometimes marshy. The most important rivers are the Drin, the Shkumbin, the Semani and the Voiussa. The lakes of Shkodra, Ocrida and Prespa are partially Albanian.

The climate is Mediterranean on the coast, transitioning from maritime to continental and it is mountainous in the inland area, where it rains quite often.

Form of government

Independent since 1912, Albania was temporarily occupied by Italy in 1915-20 and was dependent from 1928 until its formal annexation in 1939. The country regained independence in 1944 and for several decades, after the establishment of the People's Republic (1946), it was subjected to a strict communist regime that isolated the country from the rest of the world.
In December 1990, under the pressure of an economic crisis and popular protests, the regime dissolved and began a process of transition to parliamentary democracy, marked by a mass migration, and political and social crises that lead to an armed revolt. The intervention of a UN military mission (April 1997) allowed the country to stabilise. General elections were held in the same year.  Since then, political alternation has favoured the normalisation of the country, up until to the tensions of recent years.

Since 2009, Albania has been a full member of NATO and in June 2014 it was granted the status of candidate country to the European Union. The opening of negotiations shall be subject to a European decision by October 2019.

According to the Constitution approved by referendum on November 1998, the legislative power is vested in the Assembly of the Republic (140 members elected with a 4-year term of office), which elects the President of the Republic (in office with a 5-year term of office and re-eligible only once).

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