Languages spoken in Canada: French.

Canada is a territorial country with most of its population concentrated in a few urban centres. In order to ensure the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the individual population groups, Canada is politically organized as a federal state. Québec's independence aspirations, the rights of francophone Canadians, and the rights of indigenous peoples shape central lines of conflict within Canadian society.

Canada is the second largest territorial country in the world. The economic centres in the east and in the west are more than 5000 km apart. The Canadian economy is closely intertwined with the US economy.

The climate in Canada

The climate is predominantly continental and colder than in corresponding latitudes in Europe, with five-month frosts in the south to perpetual frosts in the north. Temperatures in Ottawa average -11°C in January and 21°C in July.

Origin of the country's name

The country's name is derived from the Indian term kanatta which means "settlement" or "hut".

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