Languages spoken in Denmark: Danish.

The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and a sovereign state. The national territory includes Denmark and the Faroe Islands, both of which are in northern Europe, as well as Greenland, which is part of North America. The Kingdom of Denmark is therefore an intercontinental State.

The autonomous territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands fly their own flags, have their own official languages and belong to NATO but not to the EU.

The motherland between Scandinavia and Central Europe covers an area of about 43,000 km², of which about one third is made up of a total of 405 islands.

The only land border Denmark has is with Germany. A relatively strong Danish minority lives in the former Danish region of Southern Schleswig. In Denmark, on the other hand, there is a German minority in the formerly German North Schleswig.

In February 2006, Denmark, which until then had been rather inconspicuous in foreign policy terms, became the focus of world attention as a result of a cartoon controversy.

Climate in Denmark

Despite Denmark's location on two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the annual rainfall is moderate at 700 to 800 mm in the west and even low by Central European standards at 500 to 600 mm in the east.

The temperatures are also balanced: On the North Sea, the average temperature in July is 16 °C, and in the east of Zealand it is as high as 18 °C. During the day the temperatures are usually above 20 °C, at night they are around 13 °C.

In winter, the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream or its offshoot, the North Atlantic Current, becomes noticeable: Nationwide, temperatures will then be around freezing point (around 2 °C during the day, around -3 °C at night).

The water temperatures on the coasts vary between 3 °C in winter and 17 °C in summer.

Origin of the country’s name    

The country's name is derived from King Dan, known only from legend, who is said to have been the ruler of a Dane nation in pre-Christian times.

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