Languages spoken in Greece: Greek.

Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe. It is the southernmost Balkan country and is surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian, and Cretan Seas. The predominantly mountainous country includes over 2000 islands. For several years now, the Greek economy has been undergoing a transformation characterised by strong growth and modernisation, with the aim of moving closer to the European performance average. In the process, the Greek economy is increasingly transforming itself from what was originally a strongly agricultural society to a trading and service society. Greece is a member of the EU and the Eurozone.

Since 2010, Greece has been perceived by the general public primarily as a result of the Greek financial crisis. The Greek financial crisis is a fiscal and sovereign debt crisis of the Republic of Greece that had developed in previous years but had been masked by various Greek governments with misrepresentations and misreporting of Greece's economic data until 2010. Apart from Greece itself, the effects mainly affect the euro area of the European Union.

Climate in Greece          

The climate is Mediterranean with dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Annual rainfall can be as high as 1,800mm. The average annual temperature in Athens is 17.7° C. In summer, Greece can experience heat waves of up to 45° C.

Origin of the country’s name    

Ellás / Elláda.

The Latin Graecia (from the Greek Γραικοί) actually refers only to the inhabitants of Epirus. Also Ἑλλάς (Hellás) or Ἑλλοπία (Hellopía) was only a tribal name of the inhabitants in the north of Εὔβοια (Eúboia/Évvia), who called themselves Σελλοί (Selloí) or Ἑλλοί (Helloí) for short.

The further etymology of these names is unknown.

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