Languages spoken in Italy: Italian.

Italy is a country in southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Rome, the "eternal city". Italy was already an important European cultural centre in ancient times and the centre and starting point of the Roman Empire. Today's Italy is known for its cuisine, fashion and designer goods, clothing industry, architecture, automobiles, football, research, art, movies, music, and tourist destinations, among other things.

The Italian economy is the sixth largest in the world and is comparable to that of France and the UK in terms of GDP. Italy is a founding member of the European Economic Community (precursor to the EU) and replaced its currency, the "lira", with the euro in 2001.

Characteristic for Italy is the division of the country into two parts. The highly industrialised north, with its major economic centres and metropolises of Milan, Turin, Bologna and Genoa, has a well-developed service sector and is thus economically comparable with its northern neighbours. The south of the country, also known as the Mezzogiorno, is one of the structurally weakest regions in the EU-15 and is still heavily agricultural.

Climate in Italy 

In north continental, in central Italy and in the south maritime climate. The highest precipitation falls in spring and autumn, four to five summer months are dry. January temperatures in Rome are 7° C, July temperatures are 25° C.

Origin of the country’s name    

The name of the country developed from the term Italic after which in Roman times the peoples of the Apenine peninsula were named.

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