Languages spoken in Japan: Japanese.

Japan (Japanese 日本, Nihon/Nippon; listen) (official: State of Japan 日本国, Nihon-koku/Nippon-koku) is a 6852-island East Asian state in the Pacific Ocean, indirectly bordered by Russia to the north, North Korea and South Korea to the west, China to the northwest, and Taiwan to the southwest, and is the fourth largest island nation in the world by area. The de facto capital and largest urban settlement is Tokyo.

The formation of the Japanese state began in the 5th century. For centuries it was under the cultural influence of the Chinese empire. Japan had been in contact with the West since the 16th century and rose to great power status from the 19th century, acquiring colonies such as Korea and Taiwan and participating in both world wars, briefly dominating large parts of Southeast and East Asia. After the defeat in the Second World War, the emperorship was not abolished, but the emperor as "symbol of the state" was reduced to ceremonial duties without independent authority in matters of state.

Japan is considered one of the more densely populated countries in Asia and, with 127 million inhabitants, it is the 10th most populated country in the world. The Japanese population is predominantly concentrated on the four main islands and is 99% Japanese. Minorities include Koreans, Chinese and Filipinos. Most of the inhabitants belong to the Shintoism and Buddhism religions.

Historically the first industrialized nation in Asia, Japan today has a very sophisticated economy. The innovation-friendly economic structure, which includes not only internationally renowned large companies but also a very large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, is considered one of the world's leaders in research, development and production in the mechanical and automotive engineering, electronics and chemical industries. Like Germany, Japan is poor in raw materials and highly dependent on imports for both energy and food supplies.

The crime rate is low in Japan, but Japan is the most earthquake-prone country on earth. On an annual average, around 1,500 quakes are registered, several of which can also be clearly felt in Tokyo. Southern and western Japan are also frequently hit by typhoons in late summer. Strong winds, floods and landslides can cause considerable damage as a result. Of the 110 volcanoes considered active, 47 are currently under permanent monitoring.

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