Languages spoken in Latvia: Latvian.

Latvia is located in north-eastern Europe, in the centre of the Baltic States, and has been a member of the EU since 2005. Although GDP growth has been consistently above 6% since 2000, Latvia remains at the bottom of the EU in terms of per capita income. The need to catch up is enormous.

Latvia is culturally influenced mainly by Northern Europe. The old towns have the typical elements common in the area of the Hanseatic League.

Contemporary Latvian culture also has many connections to Sweden and Finland, but above all to the North German cultural area.

Climate in Latvia              

Latvia, like all the Baltic States, has a cool temperate climate with cold winters below 0 °C and moderately warm summers between 16 and 17 °C. The average annual temperature in Riga is just under 6 °C, with 600 mm of rainfall. It is wet in late summer and dry in spring. The sun shines 1800 to 1900 hours a year (ten percent more than in Germany).

The coasts of the Baltic Sea remain mostly ice-free in winter, in August the water temperature reaches up to 17 °C, on hot summer days up to 25 °C near the coast.

Origin of the country’s name    

The name of the Baltic state probably comes from the word Latgale. Lettgallen (Latvian: Latgale) is one of the four historical landscapes of Latvia and is considered the heartland of modern Latvia.

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