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Subtitling & Captioning

Translation Agency specialized in the creation and translation of subtitles in any language. Subtitling is the most economical and efficient way to get your audiovisual content to more users and potential customers. You will be able to publish your videos on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, and on your own website, with translated subtitles into the language of your users.

Video Subtitling

Video Subtitling

A subtitled video is much more engaging and likely to be found by Internet users and search engines, as it significantly improves its organic positioning. Subtitled videos will reach more people, either because the customer does not understand the language of the audio or because he/she cannot turn up the volume on a device at that given time. Most importantly, by including translations in the form of subtitles, users will spend more time watching the video and interacting with its content. Enhance your International SEO strategy by subtitling your company’s videos.

Example of video with subtitles in several languages

When you publish a subtitled video…


...improves your website SEO

It reaches out to a wider audience. Search engines will be able to read and understand the content. When you subtitle and embed the subtitles in the video, all of these words are converted into text that search engines crawl and analyze to position each website.


...more users are engaged

When a video is subtitled into other languages, users feel more comfortable because the content is translated into their language: it increases their confidence and the chances that they will share that video.
Just by subtitling a video into English or Spanish the number of views is doubled.

I brings an added value to the users

Video is more useful for the user and improves the impression we cast as content publishers.

I reaches more user and customers

The audience you can get access to increases by 20% thanks to the subtitles. Even more so if these subtitles are translations.
Subtitled videos reach 20% more customers, including 11% of an audience with hearing disabilities, people who do not understand the language and other users who do not have access to audio.

I increases viewing time

Subtitled videos are viewed almost 40% longer than those that are not.
Interactive subtitles allow you to search within the text, to navigate and to search videos. They are also useful for the mobile user who cannot activate the audio at that time.

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