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Would you like to translate your WordPress in Chinese? Maybe you need a reliable Chinese Subtitles & Captioning service? Sometimes it is the small details that make the difference. We provide consultancy on how to plan and carry out localisation projects into Chinese. The advantages of localisation over a literal translation is that the content is specifically adapted to the needs and expectations of your Chinese readers. We will adapt any cultural reference into Chinese so that your message is perfectly understood.

One of the advantages of providing a good translation into Chinese is that you will immediately raise the attention of potential customers located in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Our Chinese native-speaking translators, who master every nuances of the language, guarantee that your translations will impact on your international readers. Forget about dull and badly written texts and go for quality content that impacts your potential users.

Target potential customers located in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Whenever you translate a website, your most significant content will be understood by thousands of potential Chinese customers. That will increase your business in Chinese-speaking countries.

Boost your sales in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Your products and services will be made available and understood by Chinese. If you are also planning a multilingual marketing strategy, your company sales will increase dramatically.

Start your SEO for Chinese keywords

Translating your website into Chinese will improve your local Google rank. You will be able to focus on the keywords that Chinese are actually searching for.

Improve you user experience

Translating your content into Chinese will improve the user experience of many of your potential foreign leads. They will navigate through your website and understand your products and services as if they were explained by a Chinese mother tongue writer. It is a fact that users always prefer to buy from websites published in their native language (English, Chinese or any language).

 Professional English-Chinese-English translation

For many years we have been offering quality translation services into Chinese. We strive to provide the best quality and customer service. To this end, we select the best native Chinese<>English translators with excellent language and communication skills.

Translators are experts in conveying every nuance to the Chinese-speaking markets you are targeting. Any time the message is not clear, we will be there to clarify what is meant and to enable a good communication between you and the translator.

As a translation company, we will take care of the technical aspects of the project. We will explore the easiest and safest ways of exporting and importing the translated content.

Our top-notch services for English-Chinese website translation is the best way to avoid unexpected issues. We only hire native translators who translate into their mother tongue (be it English or Chinese). Our linguists are reputed experts in the subject field you need. You can be sure that nothing will be left to chance.

Do you need a more literal translation? Or is localisation what you need? As a translation agency, we advise you on how to translate your website from English into Chinese or vice versa.

What are to steps to properly translate an online app into Chinese?

We try to make the translation process as straightforward and easy as possible. We implement different strategies to translate apps built on any platform or CMS: online shops, blogs, educational or business websites.

We can handle html files coded in JavaScript, xhtml o PHP. We also import and export content directly from content management systems like WordPress o Drupal, always preserving the code to output error-free translations. In the case of website built with WordPress, we install and configure the WPML multilingual plugin, which makes it possible to export content from your site and professionally translate it into Chinese.

But if you prefer that we don’t have access to your CMS, you can always send us the contents in a Word or Excel file and we will translate it into Chinese so you import back translations as you wish.

Are you planning to translate your website into Chinese to reach more potential leads and increase your online sales? Whether you are a small business willing to expand in other countries (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), or a large company who focuses on foreign markets and clients, investing on a multilingual website is always a safe bet.

We are a language service provider with many years of experience. We provide you with a close quote in less than an hour, offering you a fast and reliable English-Chinese-English translation service, and affordable rates so that your opening to Chinese markets does not cost you too much.

Our website translation services are the perfect solution for any type of web application or CMS. Are you about to launch a new and innovative product? Maybe it would be a good idea to target new customers based in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. We advise you on how to translate your online shop, quickly and reliably. We guarantee you will reach any part of the world and increase your income exponentially.

Is your online presence a business website with informational posts and articles about your products and services? No matter if your organisation is a NGO, a public agency or a consultancy, our top-notch translation services ensure that your message and values will be properly conveyed into the Chinese language.

Where is Chinese spoken?

Chinese: (in traditional Chinese, 漢語; in simplified Chinese, 汉语; pinyin, Hànyǔ) More than a billion people speak Chinese as their mother tongue, 85% of them Mandarin, 7% Wu and 6% Yue. The Chinese region is the economy with the highest growth rates. More than 30% of the population has access to the Internet. In Hong Kong, this percentage is over 65%.


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Learn more about the Chinese language

Based on the traditional written Wen-li and Northern Mandarin, the Beijing dialect became the new standard language Kuo-yü, which reflects a literary language that is far away from the colloquial variant.

The Chinese alphabet is a word alphabet with about 50,000 characters, of which between 3,000 and 4,000 are of general use. Characters with the same sound are distinguished by differences in tones, which gives it that special sound.

In 1956, an alphabetical reform was carried out in the People's Republic of China, in which the more complicated characters were replaced by 500 simplified characters. In Taiwan, the traditional alphabet is still used, so two alphabetic systems are used at the same time, the simplified and the traditional.