What is a translation proxy (I)

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What’s behind the proxy technology?

In the first two parts of this post we learned what a translation proxy is and what advantages it offers to translators and content creators when translating a website.

Now we will try to answer some questions about the use of these proxy-based translation platforms.

Where are translations stored? Is it safe?

ESmedo Translations & Web Services saves your translations in the cloud. It’s not uncommon. It has been possible to hire cloud servers for a few years now.  So-called cloud computing consists of storing data on remote servers of large providers such as Google or Amazon.

The Google Cloud platform is based on Google’s infrastructure, one of the most secure on the market.

Who gets the translations?

All translations belong to the content creators, and can be downloaded at any time in the most convenient format, usually XLIFF or XML.

What happens if the platform offering the service disappears?

One of the most recurrent fears is that if you get “hooked” by an agency or supplier and the web content is not on the company’s servers, the translations will be lost if something happens to the supplier.

Any company can close or go bankrupt, even the company where we host our website. Since translations can be downloaded whenever we want, we will never lose them and they will be safe.

Is it true that online tools impoverish the work of translators?

Online translation platforms are neither good nor bad in themselves. Neither do other translation technologies. What we should be concerned about are the translation “factories” that impose increasingly miserable rates on translators and bring the profession into disrepute.

At ESmedo Traducciones y Servicios Web we offer quality translations. But if you want to do the translations yourself, we have the technology to do it. It’s up to you. With our online web translation platform, you can count the number of words, extract the content and translate, or also request our professional translation services. It’s up to you.