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English<>Spanish Sworn translations of birth certificates

We provide sworn translations of your birth certificates for submission to the Civil Registry in Spain or any other country. Sworn translations by a sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are valid for any Spanish public agency or official department.

English-Spanish Sworn translation of birth certificates

Birth certificates from Spain

In Spain, a Birth Certificate is requested by asking for a copy at the Civil Registry where the birth was registered. These are usually handwritten forms with the details of the child, the parents and the person making the declaration.

U.S. or U.K. birth certificates

Birth certificates from the United States are usually issued by the Vital Statistics Office and are usually documents with a very small font size, and with many sections with a lot of information inserted in boxes.

In the United Kingdom, the format of birth certificates is more standardized and the information is more scarce and more concise: data from the child, the parents and the Registrar. Unlike in the US, in the UK the name of the doctor who delivered the baby and the hospital where the baby was born are not usually given.

Do you need your birth certificate translated from English into Spanish or vice-versa?

Usually, a sworn translation of a birth certificate is required for registering a child, for marriage procedures or for registering at a Town Hall.

If you are going to live in Spain, you will probably need to translate the birth certificates of yourself and your whole family. To make sure that the registry office or authority where you submit the translations will accept them, it is best that they include an Apostille for each document. For this procedure, you will have to go to the Notary Public to have the translator’s signature legalised once the translation is done, and then apply for the Apostille at the Notary Public’s Association.

English-Spanish Sworn translation service of birth certificates

We offer you a complete service to manage this type of procedure. Depending on where the document comes from, the format and the urgency, the fee will be higher or lower. We also manage the processing of signature legalization and the Apostille.