website translation and localization

Website Translation & Localization

We collaborate with web designers and developers in the translation and adaptation of web pages and online apps. We specialise in translating content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, as well as e-commerce applications such as Magento and Prestashop. Our software allows for the translation of all types of files (html, xml, yaml, php, xhtml…). Every single line of code is preserved.

We translate any kind of online presence

If your website is built on a custom-made CMS and you plan to expand it progressively, the best thing to do is to adapt the software or technology of your website in order to extract the content, translate and reload following a process. In the case of websites developed from scratch, you can export the content in any format. We translate it and return it to you in exactly the same format, respecting all labels and character encoding (UTF-8, ASCII, etc). We adapt to your type of website, whether it is a static or dynamic site, and regardless of the technical complexity.

What is the difference between localization and translation?

In general terms, translation focuses primarily on moving content from one language to another while preserving the content and style of the original document. Localization goes further and allows for the incorporation of certain cultural particularities and references. This includes search keywords, or adapting currencies and date/time formats for any given country.

Are you planning to launch your website into other countries?

Webste localization is a very important part of how the world will perceive your brand. Our translation agency has the tools and knowledge needed to make your brand stand out from your competitors and reach a wider audience, in any country and in any language. For each web translation project we select native speakers who specialize in localization and in your company’s field of expertise. We guarantee that your website will be adapted to the market you want to reach.

For the localization of websites we take into account the following:

  • Content and language: not all words, phrases and metaphors work in the target culture. During localization, the language, style, tone and message are adapted to suit the local dialect.
  • Figures: not everyone thinks in dollars and euros. Special attention is paid to specific information such as dates, time formats, currencies, telephone numbers, and units of measure or formats.

Translation or web localization?

If all you need is translating your website, we provide you with the experience, professional translators and procedures to make sure everything goes smoothly. We just need you to send us the contents and tell us which countries you want to reach. We offer a fast and reliable web translation service for both static and CMS sites.


Just in time

Don’t waste your time copying and pasting your web content into a Word or Excel file. Send us the files right away in html, xml, php, xhtml, json… We translate directly in any format, preserving tags and isolating every line of code (such as shortcodes), out of the content to be translated.

Multilingual SEO

In order to optimize your website in search engines also in other languages, we create and verify lists of keywords used by users of the language into which you translate your company’s website. International SEO takes care of preparing your website for localization and internationalization.

Multilingual Websites

You can translate into as many languages as you like. We advise you on which sections of the website to translate into which languages.  You can also create content specifically for one language. We connect your website to our Translation Management Platform: just let us know which pages you want translated at any given time

Translate your website and boost your business

Your web presence is your best way to attract new customers. And these potential customers do not necessarily need be in your country. You can offer your products or services worldwide by translating and adapting the descriptions of your products and services. Our translators will capture your company’s message and adapt it by translating it into the language you need.

Any type of website

It does not matter what CMS your website is programmed in: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Nor if it is a website coded from scratch in PHP by your IT department. We look for the perfect solution to extract the content without modifying a single line of code.

We can also translate e-commerce websites and online shops

If your e-commerce website has been developed with Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce, we will make sure that all the content is translated and reviewed so that your customers enjoy the best user experience when making their purchases. We will also detect new content so that no product is left untranslated.

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