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English<>Spanish Sworn translation of marriage certificates

We provide sworn translations of your marriage certificates to be submitted to the Civil Registry in Spain or any other country. Sworn translations by a sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are valid for any Spanish public agency or official department.

English<>Spanish Sworn translation of marriage certificates

US and UK Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates issued in the United States, just like birth certificates, are often very long forms with very specific information about the spouses, such as address or profession, as well as the full details of the person who officiated at the marriage and witnesses.

In the United Kingdom, by contrast, marriage certificates are usually simpler and contain only the essential details of the bride and groom, the name of the witnesses, the officiant and the place where the ceremony was performed.

In Spain, marriage certificates are issued by the Registro Civil following a format similar to other certificates such as birth certificates, with a column on the left side where marginal notes are registered.

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