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English-Spanish Sworn translations of your degrees or diplomas

Official sworn translations of undergraduate and graduate degrees issued by a Spanish University.

English-Spanish Sworn translation of your diploma

College Degree or Diploma in Spain

The official degree from a college, whether a Bachelor’s Degree or a Diploma, is the certificate issued by a university after successfully completing of college syllabus and having paid the corresponding fees. In Spain, it is issued in the name of the King and the Vice-Chancellor of the University and is a two-sided page. The format is the same throughout Spain. In addition to Spanish, it can also be issued in Catalan, Galician or Basque.

Bachelor’s Degree from an American or British University

University diplomas or degrees accrediting higher education are quite similar in the US and the UK. They are landscape documents printed many times with a gothic or overelaborate typography.

Many U.S. college degrees incorporate gold embossed or red waxed stamps that sometimes even carry a ribbon. Since only a photocopy of the diploma (attached to the translation) is required for a certified translations to be done, these stamps are often illegible in poor quality copies. That is why we need you to always send us high quality copies so that we can faithfully translate all the content.

Do you need your university degree translated into Spanish?

In order to validate or homologate in Spain a degree obtained in the USA, United Kingdom, or any other country that issues diplomas in English, the Ministry of Education will request a sworn translation to validate that degree.

It is important to note that it is the Ministry that will ultimately determine which Spanish degree is homologated to the foreign degree, so a Bachelor’s Degree will not always necessarily be homologated to a Spanish degree of “Licenciatura”. The sworn translator will propose a translation of the diploma that is as literal as possible, and will then write the original English term in brackets.

Sworn Spanish-English translation of a degree or diploma

If you are travelling abroad to look for a job, we advise you to have all your qualifications translated by a sworn translator before you leave. When looking for a job in an Spanish-speaking country, companies will ask you to submit your CV and all diplomas translated into Spanish. If you submit certified translations, duly signed, stamped and authorized by an official translator, your chances of finding a job will increase, as your application will inspire more confidence.