sworn translations

English<>Spanish Sworn translations of life and status certificates

We carry out sworn translations of life and status certificates to be presented to bodies in Spain and in any other country. Sworn translations by a sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are valid for any Spanish public agency or official department.

Sworn translation of a life and status certificate issued by the Spanish government

The life and status certificate, as its name implies, attests to a person’s living and marital status, whether married, single or divorced. Obviously, the body that can attest to these personal circumstances of a citizen is the Spanish Registro Civil, from where this type of document comes from.

In Spain, this is a very common and easy procedure to get done and it is usually needed to get married in another country. It basically attests that you are not married in Spain.

In other countries, and depending on the culture, this type of certificate will include other information, such as parental authorisation granted to a person of legal age to marry, or simply a statement by a private individual that he or she is not aware that another individual is married. These documents then take the form of an affidavit.

These are usually standardised documents, quite short in length and fairly quick to translate.

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