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English-Spanish Sworn translation of a police record certificate.

We carry out sworn translations of police record certificates for submission to official institutions. Sworn translations by a sworn translator of the Ministry in Spain are valid before any entity or body.

English-Spanish Sworn translation of a police record certificate

Certificate of a criminal record of Spain

A police record certificate is usually required for access to a job abroad or to apply for a residence permit, be it in Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA or any other country in the world. In Spain, it is issued by the Spanish Ministry of Justice and the information it contains comes from the Central Registry of Criminal Records.

The format of this certificate is the same throughout Spain and includes the name and personal identification number of the person concerned, specifying the possible crimes they have committed and the purpose for which it is issued: for work, for studies, etc.

When applying, it is very important to indicate that the certificate should be valid abroad and therefore will incorporate the Hague Apostille on the reverse side of the page.

U.S. or U.K. criminal record certificate

Police record certificates from English-speaking countries, or simply written in English although it is not the language of the country, are often issued by police authorities, whether they are police stations or national police agencies. These are also called Police Clearance Certificates and in the United States they are issued by the FBI.

English<>Spanish Urgent Translation Services

At ESmedo we know that these procedures are often left to the last minute and that is why we offer urgent services of sworn translation of criminal records certificates.