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English<>Spanish Sworn Translations of Transcripts

Official sworn translations of academic records and certificates issued by Spanish universities or universities in any country in the world.

English-Spanish Sworn translation of academic records

Academic files from Spanish or Latin American universities

An academic certificate or a transcript issued by a university is a list of all the subjects taken or validated for obtaining a degree. In Spain, these can be obtained at the secretary office and are signed by the managing administrator, the secretary or the head of academic management.

For each subject studied, the official name of the course, the number of credits obtained, the type of course (if it is a core, optional, compulsory or free configuration course), the academic year in which it was studied, the calls for applications and the grade obtained (normally the numerical grade and the mark) are given.

Academic records from the U.S. and English-speaking countries

Academic records from English-speaking universities can vary radically in format and content. This is obviously due to the different education systems in each country.

The sworn translator will never translate academic titles or apply equivalents, and if he or she does so, he or she must always indicate the grade and academic title in the original language. Sworn translations of a transcript or syllabus must serve as a guide for the official who is dealing with validation or homologation: the sworn translator never decides what the equivalents are.

In the U.S. academic records, for example, we will always talk about points or grade point average (GPA). In Spanish, grades are usually expressed in number and not with letters. For other concepts in the Anglo-Saxon academic world, such as the Dean’s List (an honorary mention for the best performers) or long and cumbersome academic grades such as Second Class Honours (Upper Division) we will opt for a literal translation in Spanish, always leaving the original in English.

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