advertising and marketing translation

Advertising and Marketing Translation

We work closely with marketing & advertising departments to coordinate their translation needs: social media campaigns, blog articles, newsletters, press releases or any kind of advertising campaigns on printed media. In a globalized world, every single company needs to be able to create, publish and translate content very quickly. Trust a translation agency to help you optimize this entire content flow and publish more quickly, with less effort and at a fair cost.

Translation & Transcreation

In the case of advertising and marketing translation projects, it is the emotions and the meaning of the message that count. It is eseential to know the cultural differences and the slang of each language and country. Therefore, a translator of marketing content must play with language and know both the target country and the language into which it is translated.

We all know stories of big companies that have ruined a marketing campaign because of a cultural misunderstanding when transcribing/translating a word or expression. These blunders are due to the fact that the cultural factor of each country is not taken into account. The result is a simple “word for word” translation that does not reflect the way a people or culture perceives the message. If the translator takes into account the culture of each region, he or she will know how to give the translation the right nuances.

Mother-tongue Translators

In order to reach an international market, it is not enough for the translator to be able to read in one language and write in another. It takes someone who has lived and worked there, native speakers who understand the subtleties surrounding the message we want to convey. This requires a huge amount of writing experience and lots of common sense. You need a team that covers all your multilingual needs. Our translation company helps you write the content and copy needed to market and sell your products and services worldwide.

Our professional translators will capture the emotions of your message and motivate your potential customers to take action. We select and create teams of marketing translators with great skills and communication abilities. These translators know this type of language and will appeal to your foreign customers, without cultural errors or misunderstandings.

Translation & Localization

The word localization means adaptation (and translation) to the target culture. A localization service includes a proper language without spelling mistakes and a accurate translation of the content, but the most important thing is to use the correct expressions for a given culture and geographical region, as well as the units of measurement for each country, among many other aspects. 

In every culture, for example, every color and every symbol or icon has its own meaning.  All this has to be taken into account when creating a message that is convincing and appealing to the audience we want to reach. 

Translations in any format

We pay special attention to preserving all the technical aspects of formats such as:

  • Websites and web pages
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Captions & Subtitles embedded in corporate videos
  • Pdf files
  • Brochures and catalogues designed with InDesign or other desktop publishing tools

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