Slovenian language

Slovenian (Slovenščina) belongs to the western subgroup of the South Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. Just like all Slavic languages, Slovenian has its roots in Proto-Slavic, the ancient language from which all Slavic languages derive.

Dialects of Slovenian

Slovenian has a number of dialects, not all of which are mutually intelligible. There are at least eight regional sub-dialects. Among these we find:

  • Lower Carniolan, spoken in the capital of Ljubljana It is the basis of literary language.
  • High Carniolan
  • Stajerski
  • Primorski
  • Prekmurski
  • Carinthian (Carinthian dialect), which is spoken in the Carinthian and Styrian Alps, where it is the official regional language. It is heavily influenced by German, especially in his vocabulary.

Who speaks Slovenian

Slovenian is the official language of the Republic of Slovenia. It is used in all public, social and private communications. There are many newspapers, magazines and books published in Slovenian.

Slovenian is spoken by an estimated 1.9 million people in the Republic of Slovenia. It is also spoken in Italy, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are about 2.1 million speakers of Slovenian worldwide.

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