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Translation Technologies: Translation Memories

Translation memories allow you to reuse sections of documents that have already been translated, save costs and improve quality. For each client we create a memory in which we store translation segments. We also prepare a specific glossary with specialised terminology for each sector and company.

What are Translation Memories?

A Translation Memory is a database with translations completed and manually edited by a human translator. These translations are always stored in the form of segments. Segments are phrases, sentences, paragraphs, strings or other units that have been translated. When translating new content, translators can take advantage of translation memory matches, translate faster and generate more consistent and fluent translations.

Why are translation memories so important?

If your company translates content on a regular basis, we recommend that you use translation memories to obtain the following advantages:

1. Cost savings

Translation memories save you money by reusing already translated content. These tools store, search and insert previously translated text strings, saving you up to 40% in costs.

This way, when you update your website, software or product you will not have to re-translate content that matches 100% with old content. You will only have to translate completely new content. It will be much easier for you to launch your product into multilingual markets.

Translation memories improve your return on investment The more you translate, the more likely it is that you will be able to reuse content that has already been translated. Translation memories improve as you add new translated content, increasing the percentage of content matches.

2. Partial matches

This type of software applies advanced algorithms that detect partial matches, which allows to reuse sections of a segment and, after small changes, generate the new updated content.

3. Improving the quality of translations

When you use old translations that have been reviewed and proofread by humans, you automatically avoid mistakes. You also ensure that translations are linguistically and terminologically consistent, even if several translators are involved in the same project.

Advantages of ESmedo’s solutions

ESmedo uses a technology that stores translation memories in the cloud:

Everything is centralised on a secure server

ESmedo offers you the possibility to join all your translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases in one single place. Clients have unlimited access to the memories and glossaries stored in the cloud, while translators involved in a project will have access to the latest updated version. You can create a general translation memory, or create one single memory for each department or business unit.

You’re in control!

Translation memories are a knowledge asset of the company and should not belong to translation agencies. We let you to export your translation files at any time in the standard format, or in other compatible formats: all without additional costs.