Galician language

Galician is an Indo-European language that belongs to the group of Western Ibero-Romance languages, a family of Romance languages that includes Portuguese. It evolved from Vulgar Latin and evolved into what modern scholars know as Galician-Portuguese.

This language is officially regulated in Galicia by the Royal Galician Academy. However, some independent organisations, such as the Galician Language Association and the Galician Academy of Portuguese Language, include Galician as part of the Portuguese language, as a variant of Galician-Portuguese.

Dialects of Galician

Dialectal differences between the northern and southern forms of Galician-Portuguese can be seen in documents from the 13th century, but the two dialects were similar enough to maintain a high level of cultural unity until the mid-fourteenth century, which gave rise to Galician-Portuguese lyrics. The differences still remain today, deriving in the current modern languages of Galician and Portuguese.

The lexicon of Galician comes mainly from Latin, although it also contains many words from Germanic origin. It has also received, mainly through Spanish, several words from Arabic.

Who speaks Galician

Galician (Galego in Galician) is spoken by about 2.4 million people, mainly in Galicia, an autonomous community located in the northwest of Spain, where it is official along with Spanish. The language is also spoken in some border areas of the Spanish regions of Asturias and Castilla y León, as well as in Galician migrant communities in the rest of Spain, in Latin America and in the United States, Switzerland and other locations in Europe.

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