Slovak language

Slovak (Slovenský jazyk) belongs to the West Slavic group of the Indo-European language family. Slovak is related to Czech: Slovak speakers from the western part of Slovakia and Czech speakers are able to understand each other.

All Slovaks can understand standard Czech thanks to the media. However, with the disintegration of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the two languages began to drift apart and the differences between Czech and Slovak are mainly lexical and phonological.

Dialects of Slovak

The dialects of Slovak are fragmented due to the country's mountainous terrain. However, they are mutually intelligible. Slovak is usually divided into three major dialectal areas:

  • Central Slovak, where the standard Slovak is mainly located;
  • Western Slovak, which is fused with the Moravian dialect of Czech;
  • Eastern Slovak, which is fused with dialects of Polish along the border with Poland.

Speakers of Slovak

Slovak is the official language of the Slovak Republic. Standard Slovak is used in public administration, at all academic levels and in all media.

It is spoken by 4.75 million people in Slovakia. There are also expatriate Slovak communities in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine and the USA. The total number of Slovak speakers worldwide is 5.2 million.

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