legal translation services

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services in any language combination. We provide specialized translation services to consultancies and law firms. Do not leave your reputation to chance: invest on the translation of important documents in your business relationships with foreign customers. Trust a translation agency with years of experience in this type of translation.

What is a Legal Translator?

When choosing a legal translator, we will ensure that the candidate has the legal and linguistic knowledge in both the source and target languages. We select our legal translators on the basis of their academic qualifications, official appointments, membership to professional associations of translators and their experience with the languages required for the translation. To begin with, the most important thing is that the translator’s mother tongue is the target language into which the document will be translated.

In some cases, when sensitive documentation is involved, translators will be required to sign confidentiality agreements or take out a civil liability insurance. 

Legal Translation as opposed to Sworn Translation

In many cases, legal translations must be certified (sworn), and the legislation in each country is different. Legal translators can be professional translators who specialize in legal translation, or lawyers who have specialized in translation. While many legal translations must be certified or sworn, not all legal translators are sworn translators.

In some countries it is the state that certifies all legal translations. In other countries, official or sworn translators are appointed by a state department or an official agency. In Spain, sworn translators are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the United States, the American Translator’s Association offers certification courses. To be authorized as a sworn translator, these translators are usually authorized by state or federal courts.

We are aware of the importance of confidentiality in legal translation and we manage the exchange of documents in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, from our OTM (Online Translation Manager) platform. Our workflow allows us to select the right translator(s) for each legal translation project.