financial and banking translation

Financial and Banking Translation

This type of translation has to conform to international guidelines and standards. We create, edit and translate content for banks, credit institutions and law firms, from apps to conditions documents.

Financial Translation

For Financial Translations, it is very important that the specialised terminology is translated correctly and consistently, whether it is sector-specific terms or phrases used by your corporation. Our philosophy is to hire only translators who already have expertise with financial documents. From the outset, we establish a close relationship with our clients and create style guides and glossaries for each company. This ensures that certain words or expressions are translated the same way within the same document or in different projects. The teams of translators that we assign to each client will have access to all the translations previously done by their colleagues, and also to the glossaries that have been created specifically for you as our customer.


Translators Specializing in Economics and finance

The absolute accuracy of our translations is a matter of effort. Our translators identify ambiguous words or expressions during the translation process of each document. Your project manager will contact you during the translation process to clarify all these aspects. This helps avoiding delays in deliveries due to these clarifications. More importantly, you will not have to waste your time correcting an improper translation.

Our specialized translators understand the context of your financial documents and translate every nuance by conveying the literal meaning. All of our financial translators are native speakers of the language into which they translate and have qualifications and extensive expertise in subject fields such as economics, accounting, business administration or finance. Many of them have been professionally trained in corporate environments

Do you need quality financial translations in a short period of time?

Print deadlines, immediacy and market circumstances require fast and accurate translations. For large projects with tight deadlines, we split the document and send it for translation to a team of specialized financial translators. Our project managers and reviewers ensure that each translator’s work is consistent with the level of quality. And we guarantee maximum confidentiality.

Confidentiality is paramount in this sector, and our translation management and production platform complies with ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 standards.

Financial and Banking translation includes the translation of the following documents

  • Financial reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Decision of shareholders’ meetings
  • Websites of financial institutions
  • Financial statements and audit reports
  • Documents related to wealth management, investment funds and financial markets, among others.

Types of Financial Translation for Investments 

In any international investment project it is necessary to accurately translate a number of documents.  For instance, for an international investment to succeed we will need these types of financial translation:

  • Website Translation: A well-translated website allows foreign investors easy access to basic company information.
  • Translation of Business Correspondence: allows for fluid communication between the parties. Professional translation avoids misunderstandings and one party having to express itself in a language other than its own.
  • Marketing content: marketing and advertising campaigns, or a subtitled promotional video, require accurate and effective translation in foreign markets.
  • Financial Data: A bad translation can distort a company’s financial situation. An accurate translation avoids legal and administrative problems. 
  • Performance Reports: Keep your investors informed about your company’s performance. Poor translation can lead to confusion and heavily damage your corporate brand image.

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