Languages spoken in Croatia: Croatian.

Croatia is a country in Southeastern Europe. The Croatian territory covers approximately 87,700 square kilometres, of which 56,592 are terrestrial and 31,067 maritime.

Due to the territorial position of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the territory of Croatia is narrowed down to a continental northern part and a long coastal strip, which are connected only in the northwest. The southernmost part of the coastal area (the region around Dubrovnik up to the border with Montenegro) is separated from the rest of Croatia by the municipality of Neum, which belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, over a width of about three kilometres.

The length of the Adriatic coastline is 1778 kilometres. But if you add the numerous Croatian islands, it is 6176 km. Croatia has a total of 1246 islands, but only 47 of them are permanently inhabited.

The Adriatic coast is the centre of tourism and shipping. Approximately 10 million tourists visit Croatia every year, accounting for about 20% of Croatia's GDP. Shipbuilding also makes an important contribution to Croatia's economic performance. Croatian shipyards have a long tradition, are known for their good quality and enjoy a high reputation throughout the world.

On 1 July 2013, Croatia joined the EU as the 28th member. EU accession is expected to provide an important economic stimulus for the country.

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