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Technical Translations Spanish-English-Estonian

Quality is always our top priority, which is why at ESmedo we select only native-speaking translators of Estonian with excellent linguistic skills and an extensive technical knowledge background. Need to translate some technical specifications from Estonian into English or from English into Estonian?

Technical and scientific translation projects from or into the Estonian language

When you translate technical documentation into Estonian, you ensure that Estonians understand how your product works. The presence of science and technology in everyday life is such that it is essential to plan well in advance the management of technical translations into . Nowadays, translation of technical documents from or into Estonian (instructions books, technical proposals, Standard Operating Procedures or Material Data Safety Sheets) is crucial for companies wishing to establish in other territories like Estonia…  The difficulty for a translator is twofold: to translate technical terminology correctly, but also to adapt to the local speech culture of your Estonian potential leads.

Accuracy and thoroughness in our work are essential, and the slightest error in a technical translation of Estonian can have serious consequences. The world of technology relies on clear and concise technical documents. However, who has not come across an instruction manual for an electrical appliance that is totally incomprehensible? Or worse, with grammatical and syntactic errors that impoverish the company’s image in front of our English-speaking or Estonian clients.

It is worth remembering that in a technical translation from English into Estonian we should always consider two aspects: the technical and the linguistic side. For this reason, and also because translators have to be constantly trained, this type of translation service is usually more expensive than translating a general text.

Estonian Technical Documentation is needed to demonstrate compliance with national and international standards and directives. Technical patents, product catalogues or technical drawings: all these documents officially certify that all business and operating procedures are correct and in accordance with legal requirements. 

If you do not submit all this documentation, your company risks losing Estonian-speaking customers or, worse, being banned from marketing your product in Estonia… Investing in the Estonian translation of your technical documentation gives your company long-term security. On the other hand, it is a sign of professionalism towards your customers, employees and business partners in Estonia

A good translation shows that your company cares about your employees and suppliers having all the information both in English and in Estonian, and that they work in good conditions.

Technical Translations Spanish-English-Estonian

Many companies and industries need accurate and reliable technical translations into Estonian whenever they acquire products and services from countries like Estonia… and these have to comply with domestic compliance processes. Any time you do business with Estonian companies, it is vital that you understand exactly what you are buying.

Similarly, when you sell products and and services to other countries (Estonia…) you will be compelled to provide your documentation in Estonian.

Technical Translation refers to files such as operation manuals, technical sheets or websites containing highly-specialized information. Translation of software strings, patents and user manuals are among the most demanded services. ESmedo is a Technical Translation Company that manages translation projects into any combination between Spanish-English-Estonian. We translate, edit and review any kind of technical documentation: product descriptions, tendering documents, technical and scientific reports, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Text Strings

Translation and localization, from Estonian or into Estonian, of software text strings requires good planning and checking. The translation of software strings is a specific area of technical translation. First of all, and before the translation process begins, the project manager has to correctly import the files in order to extract the text to be translated, leaving the code intact and respecting the character encoding. Strings usually contain isolated and out-of-context words and commands. For that reason, professional technical Estonian translators need a reference and some context to do their job well. It is always a good idea to get some screenshots of the software interface.


Translation of patents from English into Estonian are only assigned to translators with a solid linguistic, technical and legal background. Patent drafting uses very specific language, with rigid legal and practical requirements.

The patents describe a number of technical data, referring also to future applications of the invention, but without disclosing vital details.

User manuals

Translating user manuals from Spanish or English into Estonian requires a solid knowledge of a particular field, and the ability to express complex concepts in a simple language. This type of translation is in high demand, as all technology companies that do business with Estonia, need their user manuals to be properly translated into Estonian.

Native Estonian linguists

The quality of our mother-tongue Estonian translators is based on a meticulous selection of profiles based on academic merit and professional experience as technicians and scientists. Our linguists are native Estonians and always translate into any of the Estonian variants spoken in Estonia

Technical translators not only know the technical terms and phrases. They are acquainted with the subject area and can make knowledgeable decisions based on their expertise.

On the other hand, each sector that relies on technical translations works with specific terminology and sometimes with specific technical jargon. Someone who is not connected with the industry will not be able to provide accurate Estonian translations, simply because they are not familiar with the terminology used by doctors, engineers or chemists.

In order for English-Estonian technical translations to be cost-effective and professional, specialists rely on Computer Aided Translation tools. These tools allow linguists to offer a quality service no matter how complex the terminology. With a good glossary of terms and a well-managed translation memory, we ensure that translations are consistent throughout. This is essential in !{wpv-post-taxonomy type=”idioma” format=”name”] technical translations, where linguists work with a lot of documentation.

Translation Technologies

For complex technical translation projects for Estonian-English or English-Estonian we create specialized terminology glossaries, subject to verification and approval by the client. Likewise we build translation memories (Spanish-English-Estonian multilingual files), which ensures a consistency in the translation, speeds up the process and leads to significant money savings. We work for clients in Estonia among other countries. For each of them we set up specific translation memories and terminology database that they can review and approve.

Did you know that…?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian (eesti in Estonian). Of the 1.3 million Estonians, 75% have access to the Internet.

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A quick overview of the Estonian language

Estonian is a Finno-Ugric language, a European subgroup of the Uralic language family. Estonian is closely related to Finnish, so much so that Finns and Estonians can easily understand each other.

In general there are two dialects: Northern Estonian, which is spoken in most part of the country and also forms the basis of the written language; and the southern dialect, south of Tartul. In the course of its more recent history, Estonian has been subject to linguistic influences from both high and low German, and during the past century especially from Russian.