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Your Financial Translation Agency for the Serbian language

Banks and financial institutions often rely on our financial translation services to translate into Serbian their most sensitive documentation. If you wish to expand your market share and internationalize your products, you should trust a reliable translation agency for your Spanish-English-Serbian translation needs.

Banking, financial and insurance translations in Serbian

Our Serbian<>English linguists for financial and banking documentation are specialists who have already worked in the industry and work as professionals translators.  When looking for the best translators you should contact a professional who is familiar with Serbian-speaking markets and specifically those of Serbia

Our native Serbian-speaking or English-speaking translators are knowledgeable of the specific language of finance and economics, have experience with financial texts and apply a systematic quality control to check the final translation in Serbian or English.

Just like legal and commercial translations, financial translations in Serbian are used in all private and business areas. Our services are focused on banks and investors, as well as law firms, insurance companies, notaries, construction companies, hotels, medical insurance companies, ministries and non-profit organizations.

Investors want to be well informed

Before investing in your company or business, your investors located in Serbia might want to review annual reports, press releases or presentations.  Most importantly, they will need accurate and reliable information in Serbian.

Professional English-Serbian translators offer a service that helps you convey all this information to your potential clients and investors located in Serbia. Firstly, a bank’s website that is properly translated into Serbian will allow its customers to access their account data and statistics at any time.  Secondly, business correspondence in good Serbian will facilitate communication between all counterparts. Finally, properly translating financial reports will improve your brand image by providing shareholders with reliable data.

Any bank wishing to operate abroad and open new offices in other locations like Serbia should consider the cost of these translations. Do you want to attract investors who speak Serbian or live in Serbia?  Then you need reliable translators.

Banks with subsidiaries in Serbia need brand consistency.

If your bank or financial institution has been operating in Serbia for many years, your customers will trust you because your corporate image conveys your values and reflects the quality you offer. Your image is enhanced with quality translations performed by native Serbian translators who know how to adapt your marketing campaigns and messages to the culture of Serbs. Our translation agency offers any kind of Spanish<>English<>Serbian translation services: subtitles, captioning, transcriptions, legal and certified translation…

From Citigroup to Santander: all international banks know the importance of a consistent corporate image. These banks invest a lot of money in their marketing efforts, especially to reach foreign customers in Serbia or anywhere else in the world. Remember that in emerging markets with linguistic, demographic and cultural differences, success depends on brand recognition.

Customize your content

Banks and financial institutions provide businesses with money that is independent of cultural and linguistic boundaries. Most importantly, their services help entrepreneurs create wealth and increase their country’s GDP.

In order to internationalize these services, they need to speak to their customers in their own language (English, Serbian, etc.) in order to gain their trust and loyalty. Translation makes this possible. Instead of spending part of your budget on dealing with the consequences of a poor Serbian financial translation, you can be sure that your content accurately represents your company’s values. A culturally adapted translation in Serbian will focus on your customers and markets and this will boost your brand awareness in Serbia, etc.

After all, accurate and correct communication will allow your bank to expand into markets with Serbian as their predominant language.


Banks and individuals entrust us with their translations from English into Serbian and from Serbian into English. It often happens that banks open branches in other territories such as Serbia…where the official language is Serbian and not the language mainly spoken at their headquarters. This is where you need a reliable translation service. The same applies to regions with a large immigrant population that does not speak the official language of the country. These banks and individuals need accurate and clear translations in their daily transactions.

When translating into Serbian loan agreements, profit and loss statements, audits or annual reports there is no room for error. In addition to working with highly qualified and specialized professionals, we apply a meticulous quality control process and, if requested by the client, the translations are proofread by second translators of Serbian.



Insurance documents have important legal implications, both for the person purchasing the insurance and the company providing the insurance. Translating insurance documents into Serbian is a highly specialized field that requires knowledge of both the language and the insurance industry in Serbia.

The translation of insurance documents into Serbian should be flawless. The adoption of new technologies allows us to offer affordable prices. We try to adjust our rates as much as possible without compromising quality. Spanish<>English<>Serbian translations go through a comprehensive linguistic quality control before being delivered to you.



Translations from English into Serbian and from Serbian into English of:

Financial Statements

Annual accounts

Tax forms

Insurance policies

Balance sheets

Accounting records


Feasibility reports



Did you know that...?

Serbian (српски / srpski in Serbian) is the official language of Serbia. After the break-up of Yugoslavia, Serbo-Croat, defined as the common language of Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Montenegrins, was officially divided into three languages whose speakers understand each other: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

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Where does the Serbian come from?

Serbian is a South Slavic language that is mainly spoken in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia by about 9-10 million people. It is official in Serbia, and it is the main language of the Serbs.

The Glagolitic script was initially used to write Serbian since the 11th century. It was later replaced by the Cyrillic script, and the modern Serbian Cyrillic script was designed in 1814 by the Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić, while the Latin Serbian alphabet was invented by the Croatian linguist Ljudevit Gaj in 1830. Serbian is currently written in the Cyrillic and Latin scripts, both of which are officially recognized, although Cyrillic became the official alphabet of the Serbian government in 2006. Literate Serbs are able to read and write their language in both alphabets, and media organizations often choose to use one or the other.

Until the mid-19th century there was no standard written form of Serbian, although there was a lot of literature. In 1850, a group of Serbian and Croatian writers and linguists decided to create a standard written form based on the widely used Štokavian dialect.

The modern Serbian literary standard developed from this written form, which was the official language of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1918 to 1991. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, distinct written and spoken languages began to emerge in the different countries that made up the former Yugoslavia.